The Sexual Self Esteem Guide

The Sexual Self Esteem Guide is my premiere online course for individuals and couples to help establish or re-establish confidence, curiosity and eroticism. 

Do you want an erotic relationship with yourself that feels empowered, alive and in-control?

Would you like to develop a strong sexual self esteem that doesn't get thrown by life's challenges or stages. Would you like permission to feel erotically confident. Tools to develop a foundation within yourself that can help you acquire lifelong sexual confidence and desire. 

People come seek advice from me on a daily basis because they feel defeated. They want to be a sexual being but don't know how.  Nobody taught them. Maybe they have never had this sense of sexual self or it has disappeared over time.

They seek confidence, inspiration and guidance. 

The Sexual Self Esteem Guide can help you experience the empowerment and personal connection you long for.

Sexual Self Esteem

Our sexuality is inherent in how we accept and define ourselves, how we distinguish others, and how we view the world.

Sexuality is complex. It's not always easy. It is multidimensional and multifactorial. A complex mix of physiological, interpersonal, cultural, emotional, and psychological contributors. Not to mention we are guided by sex-ed that failed to teach us about pleasure.


Because the relationship we have with our sexuality influences our sexual self-esteem, which influences what type of sexual being we are, our satisfaction, communication, relationships and performance.

We talk a lot about the value of developing healthy self-esteem, and so too, should we be paying attention to developing healthy sexual self-esteem.

As a sexologist, I get asked about this topic often. And I know how important it is for healthy, satisfactory sexuality.

The Sexual Self Esteem Course has been designed to approach sexual self-esteem and personal empowerment holistically.

My guide will help you develop healthy vocabulary and practices to explore your erotic confidence and become more open and intentional with your sexual needs. 

You will confront your self esteem and build a better understanding of how to create healthy sexual practices to lead to self confidence. 

Great lovers are not born, they are made.

This online guide uses educational audio clips, home-play exercises and thought-provoking information to challenge your perception of yourself.

During this course you will be given the tools to discover:

  • Feelings about your body. How you feel about your body will affect your ability to express yourself sexually. How to start changing these feelings
  • Your sexual narrative. The stories you have and hold on to, how do they influence your sexual self esteem?
  • Sex and Meaning. Sex means different things to different people, what does it mean for you?
  • Sexual communication. Communication is the foundation of a great sex life. Simple tools to work with yourself and your sexual partner
  • What does it mean to be erotic? The difference between a sexual being and an erotic being
  • One month challenge! I give you the tools to examine and reinforce your relationship with yourself and become more mindful of your erotic capacity. This monthly challenge will give you daily challenges to change your negative tendencies and connect deeply with yourself. This challenge will provide you with the foundation for optimal sexual self esteem. 


Is this course appropriate if I am not in a relationship?

Absolutely. The Sexual Self Esteem Guide is designed for anyone who wants to build and develop on their own sexual self esteem and lead a healthier, more sexually fulfilling life. Whether they are in a relationship or non-partnered. You are able to take the material and utilise it in future relationships. 

Would it be useful to do this course if I have other concerns that are not just sexual self esteem?

Absolutely. Remember this is a beginners guide that will help build your confidence and motivation. Sometimes sexual concerns take a while to fix, but there are always ways of having a satisfactory sexual life whilst having difficulties that can be treated by a sexologist. This course will give you the motivation and empowerment you need to grow your knowledge and set a foundation for a thriving sexual life.

Will I get one-on-one advice from Chantelle?

This is a pre-recorded guide so you are able to engage at your own pace. However, if you feel like the course is a good start for you and you need some more specific help, then you are welcome to book a personal session with one of Chantelle's team members via

I'm interested in this course, but my partner isn't, what should I do?

Sexual self esteem starts with you. Empowerment comes from within, and this course is perfect to do solo. Once you start changing your ways, your partner will often notice and follow at their own pace, which will in-turn transform your relationship and sex life. 

Can I get a refund if I don’t enjoy The Sexual Self Esteem Guide?

Refunds are not available for this online guide.